Competition Time!!

Year 1 are in the lead for the SDS 100 Books for everyone! 

Congratulations to all the children who have completed their 15 books and can now choose a book from the library!

Please let me know if you have finished your 15 books and show me your sheet as soon as possible so I can add to the list and give you your well deserved certificate.

There is a prize for the year group who has the most children who have completed the challenge. Its an amazing prize and we really want to win!!!

It is lovely to see the children enjoying reading across the school!


Miss Leatherland 🙂


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Year 1 Key Skills Quiz

Please can you complete the following quiz for Key Skills for this week. It is the end of term quiz on our topic Plants and your responses will be sent through to me. The questions that need a written response must be accurate or they will be marked as wrong.


Thank you and well done for another fantastic week!

Have a lovely weekend!


Year 1 Team!  🙂

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What a beautiful day….

Year 1 have been on an adventure to the park this afternoon on a hunt for bluebells and all sorts of different natural objects. The children represented the school with impeccable behaviour and maturity. Everyone walked sensibly and quietly to the park, thinking about the road safety we have been discussing in different lessons.

When we arrived at the park the children took part in a scavenger hunt. Armed with a clipboard and a tick list, the children searched for a variety of different natural objects from daffodils to spider webs. Many of the children noticed the beautiful bluebells growing under the trees. We all stopped and looked closer at these plants and then had a go at drawing them thinking carefully about the shape of the petals and stems. I was so impressed with the detail in every drawing, you all worked so hard and quietly to complete this task.

Finally as we had such a fantastic walk and had completed the tasks so well we had a few minutes to go on the apparatus before we returned to school!

Well done Paddington Class, I am an extremely proud of your behaviour and attitude towards this trip.

Here are some of the children’s comments:

Jack- My favourite part of the trip was going on the slide and finding different things. 

Alexandra- Everything was so much fun!!! 

Maddie- My favourite part was seeing the beautiful flower.

Kacey- I loved drawing the bluebells.

Lucy- I loved looking at the nature to find the different things on our list.

Sofia- It was a beautiful day at the park.

Alex- I liked choosing which things we wanted to find.

Kevontae- Everything was amazing!! 


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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Paddington Class Blog

Maths: We have been learning all about volume this week. The children have been experimenting with different size containers and using objects to work out the volume. The children selected a variety of containers and had to count the objects to find out how many fit in each container. The children then changed the objects to see if that made a difference.



English: We have been looking at our new book ‘The Curious Garden’. Can you tell a grown up what we know about the book so far? The children have all had a go at writing setting descriptions, feeling bubbles and character descriptions this week. Their writing has been fantastic as the children have included adjectives, conjunctions, varying sentence openers as well as all of the other things we ask. Well done everyone!!!


PE: We have been having a go at different balancing games in PE. The children each had a ball and had to move a certain way without dropping the ball in different places on their bodies. Following this, we played team races and the children were encouraged to show sportsmanship by congratulating and supporting one another.


Science: Following planting our sunflowers, the children have been researching the life cycle of a sunflower. The children had to order pictures and then explain each step the sunflower goes through in order to grow. Can you remember the life cycle of a sunflower to tell someone in your family?


DT: We have been planning our own curious gardens from our English book and this week we started to create the gardens. The children had to think about the materials they needed and how they were going to create different effects.


Have a fantastic long weekend and I will see you all on Tuesday.


Miss Leatherland 🙂


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Paddington Gardeners

English: This week we have been continuing our topic of plants and looking at instructions. The children looked at a set of instructions for growing a bean plant and ordered them to ensure they made sense. We then looked at the language used in instructions to create our own. The children followed their instructions and planted a bean which we are all patiently waiting to see if they grow.

Maths: We have been looking at quarters this week and I have been very impressed with everybody’s growth mindset in this particular topic. The child have loved quartering shapes and have began to quarter numbers. What does the word quarter mean?


PE: We have been practising on improving our skills with tennis rackets and hockey sticks. The children have been working together to improve their accuracy and technique and it has been fantastic to see so many positive words of encouragement said to one another. Well Done!!

DT: In DT we have been looking at materials and tools that are used in a garden. We have looked at what we might find in the garden and what material it is made from and why. The children then had a go at drawing their own garden and had to label all the different materials they could find.


Science: We have been looking deeper into how plants form. We dissected some plants and looked at their roots, stems, flowers and leaves. The children then planted their own sunflowers following the instructions. These instructions were different to how we planted our beans so we had to concentrate to make sure we did the right steps.


Have a lovely weekend Paddington Class!

Miss Leatherland 🙂

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First Week Back!!!!

WOW what a lovely week we have had! It has been fantastic to make the most of the sunshine and take our learning outdoors as much as possible.



English: This week we have been looking at non-fiction books and building up a bank of knowledge around plants. We have looked at the different parts of the plant and wrote fact files on everything we have researched. Due to the glorious sunshine, we were able to take our learning outside and had a go at following instructions to plant our own beans. This was great fun and the children all did very well taking each step of the instructions at a time to plant their bean.


Maths: In Maths we have been halving shapes, objects and numbers. The children began learning about halving by sharing a picnic. We discussed how we would share a kit-kat or an apple but then how we could share a bag of crisps as we couldn’t cut it in two.


Geography: The children have started our Geography topic by looking at instructions which will build up to creating our own maps. The children had a very bossy visitor, Rosie the puppet, who ordered them to complete certain tasks. This was great fun but Rosie was very bossy. The children then had a go giving instructions to one another and then writing instructions down to go outside on the playground. The children found it was much easier to give and follow instructions when they were written down then making them up on the spot.


PE: It was a very hot day on Thursday but with our hats on and lots of shade breaks we managed to have a fantastic PE session. The children could choose between the hockey sticks or tennis rackets and practised their skills. It was great fun!!!


Forest school: It was Paddington Class’ forest school session today and we had great fun!! To start the session we looked at the trees and their different textures. We looked at the roots of the trees and how some tree roots have risen so we can see them. The children took tree rubbing samples of different trees and were amazed at how different trees produced different textures on the paper. Following this, the children made woodland perfume. We discussed how animals use their sense of smell in the woodland and using natural resources and a drop of water we created our own forest school fragrances.



Have a lovely weekend! See you on Monday!


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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Busy bees!

Wow what a busy term Spring has been!!

Paddington class have been very fortunate to have a visit from the schools digital leaders. Children from year 4 and 5 visited our class with lots of microbits and computers and the children had a go at coding. The children learnt how to get onto the microbit website and then followed instructions to complete a code to make their microbit play music, have a smiley face and say hello. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this experience and now want to be digital leaders when they are older. What was your favourite part of the microbit session?



We have come to the end of our topic Space and the children have been gathering all the facts they have learnt to create fact files on Space. I have been so impressed with how the children have applied themselves in this topic and their general knowledge on the subject.









In Science the children have been learning about materials and their properties. To finish this topic the children completed a science investigation. Over night some lego men had been swimming and it had got so cold they froze into ice blocks. The children had to use their understanding of ice and different materials to free the lego men and save them from the cold. Some groups choose to take their ice men outside and melt them in the sun, others choose to wrap their ice blocks in lots of fabric.

Which method did you choose?







In Maths the children have been learning all about sharing. The children have been learning about the dividend and the divisor and how to share objects equally across a variety of divisors. We began by sharing different objects into sorting hoops and then moving on to recording this in their books. At the end of the week the children looked at word problems and how to look for the key information to solve the division problems. Some children took on the role of the teacher and had a go teaching the class how they solved the problems. On Fridays the children have been focussing on 2D and 3D shapes. This has involved not only naming and describing the shapes but building them using midget gems, cocktail sticks and polydron. All the children thoroughly enjoyed using their knowledge on the shapes to build them and even created shapes they had not come across before.



We have been looking at how we can work as a team in a variety of games. The children had to work together to guide the ball into the hole by moving the parachute very slightly. It was lovely to hear the words of encouragement from the children in the class to each other as they sussed out the best tactics. Well done guys!!






I hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter holidays and I can’t wait to see you all soon!


Miss Leatherland 🙂


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Rock Your Socks!!!!!

Today the children celebrated World Down Syndrome Day by wearing crazy socks or tights! It was great to see so many children donating to a fantastic charity ‘UpsnDownsUK’ and celebrating difference.


Thank you to everyone who donated!!


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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Sing Sing Sing!!

This week has been full of singing and learning as we completed the national SingUp Day on Wednesday. The children have been working hard to learn the words and actions to ‘Spaceship Jam’ to perform to the school. The assembly was fantastic and we all enjoyed seeing what other classes had been working on as well as singing ourselves. Well done guys, I was very proud of you all!

Can you sing the song to someone at home?








In English we have been focussing on the book Beegu. The children love this text and have been taking each other on a guided tour of the pictures to tell the story. One child had to describe the picture whilst the other shut their eyes. The children did a fantastic job and wrote beautiful descriptive pieces on the setting of the story.


Where do you think Beegu has come from?









In Maths this week we have been tackling arrays. On Monday we worked with smarties to represent different arrays. The children loved this lesson and applied what they had learnt into exploring different arrays and solving multiplication problems later in the week.





Miss Leatherland 🙂


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We are characters!!!

Today is World Book Day and the children in Paddington Class did not disappoint! From Luke Skywalker to Hermoine Granger the children really did dress to impress! To celebrate this special day the children shared books with Dyson class and thoroughly enjoyed discussing their favourite stories with other children in the school. Then the children had a mini fashion show to present their character and why they had chosen their book. Afterwards, we learnt all about the rainbow fish and what this fish learnt on its journey. Can you tell your family what you learnt from the rainbow fish? In the afternoon, the children chose which book they would like to hear aloud and went around the school to hear the stories. Which story did you listen to?


I have thoroughly enjoyed today and I hope you have too!


Miss Leatherland 🙂


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