Australia and our last Forest School session!!

After discussing how fantastic transition week was with the children we began our two days of Art and Music all about our topic Australia.


The children tried their hand at becoming chiefs and we all worked together to make Anzac biscuits. The children weighed the ingredients using the scales and then followed the instructions to create the delicious biscuits. They were very tasty and everyone thoroughly enjoyed making and eating the snack.








Our book focus this week was ‘The Koala Who Could’ all about a koala who didn’t believe he could let go of his tree because it was dangerous but with the help of his friends he realised he could do it if he believed in himself. The children loved the book and we recreated one of the pictures in the text. The children first had to draw the tree with the branches and leaves and then using powder paint, create the right colour for the sunset. The children they drew and painted the koala and stuck him on the picture. The outcome was fantastic and all of the children tried very hard to recreate the image.

On Friday we discussed different fruits and the benefits of eating a variety of fruit and vegetables. The children then choose which fruit they would like to use to create fruit kebabs. Each child had a go at cutting the fruit up carefully and then making their own fruit kebab. The children tried kiwi, banana, apples, mango, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and melon. Each child said they tried a fruit they didn’t think they liked but actually they loved it and wanted to try more which was fantastic.



Last Friday, Paddington Class had their last forest school session. We had great fun playing lots of different games including 1,2,3 where are you and the floor is lava where Mrs Buckley got stuck in a tree!!!!! The children pretended they were different types of insects you might find in the forest with a very impressive caterpillar impression from Joshua! We then hunted for different insects and began to make different houses for the insects to live in. The children all worked together and some children made their own dens. It was a fantastic end to Forest School in Year 1 and I am so proud of how much you have learnt in the forest.


Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Miss Leatherland πŸ™‚

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Key Skills

Hi All,

We will not be setting Key Skills or Spellings this week as next week is transition week.

We have set a few new activities on MyMaths if you wish to complete these. These are based on money and time – both topics that we have been learning about recently. These tasks are open until the end of term

Please can you also complete the Australia Quiz that we have set for this topic:

There are no right or wrong answers and all answers will be viewed by myself and Miss Gedney. The purpose of this quiz is to gain an understanding of the children’s knowledge of our Australia topic.

Any problems please ask.

Thank you

Miss Leatherland πŸ™‚

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WOW what an exciting day we have had from start to finish. We piled on to the coach full of excitement for the day ahead and Woburn Safari did not disappoint. We began our adventure by going around the safari by coach. The children spotted black bears, rhinos, lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras and lots and lots of monkeys! We all laughed when some of the monkeys climbed aboard the coach and we could see them through the sun roof!!!

After the safari the children went to a talk at ‘Desert Springs’ where a man called Dan told us all about the meerkats. The children listened carefully and asked very intelligent questions to Dan at the end of his talk. Then we went to see the snakes and the frogs. The children were very careful not to be loud around the animals as we were in there home.

Afterwards, the children had a classroom discussion about habitats and how animals survive in the wild. We got to touch zebra and cheetah fur and then stroked a bearded dragon. All of the children had a go at stroking the bearded dragon but Mrs Buckley and Miss Leatherland chickened out!!!

We explored the foot safari and learnt more about the Wallabies and Emus in the Australia section, we already knew lots about these animals from out topic Australia so the children added to their bank of knowledge. We then went round the squirrel monkeys, penguins and lemurs. All of us were very surprised at how friendly the lemurs were and had to hold onto our bags nice and tight incase they pinched our lunch.

We have had an amazing day today and the children represented the school beautifully. Thank you so much to our parent helpers- you were fantastic and we couldn’t have managed without you! Thank you families for providing pack lunches, drinks, suncream and hats! It was a very hot day but we all thoroughly enjoyed it!


Well done Paddington Class!


Miss Leatherland πŸ™‚

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Sports day!!

WOW what a fun day we had at sports day on Thursday! All of the children competed in different games to test their balance, hand-eye co-ordination, jumping, kicking, throwing and dribbling to win points for their house team! The children all thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was lovely to see such sportsmanship amongst peers!

Well done everyone!!



Miss Leatherland πŸ™‚


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Paddington Forest School!

What a fantastic way to end a busy week with a great forest school session. The children have been very busy this afternoon in the forest. We began by creating journey sticks of our travels around the forest school. The children had to find a stick longer than their foot and thinner than their fingers to begin their journey. Next, the children went on a journey around the forest collecting different parts of nature on the way. We then discussed where the children had gone and what they had collected, discussing the different leaves and why they were different. Following this, the children had time to explore the forest and get nice and muddy!!!

The children used shovels and trowels and worked together to create a tray full of mud. Then they got their hands stuck in and printed handprints or made mud faces. The children used their imagination and the environment to create hair, eyes, nose and ears for their mud faces and were very proud of the results.

Today, lots of children worked together to make dens out of tarpaulin and rope. The children picked the most suitable trees as a team and used different branches and sticks to create a structure for their den before decorating it. I was very impressed with the teamwork skills all the children showed and they had great fun showing off the fantastic results!!

Well done for a fantastic week and I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Miss Leatherland πŸ™‚


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Competition Time!!

Year 1 are in the lead for the SDS 100 Books for everyone!Β 

Congratulations to all the children who have completed their 15 books and can now choose a book from the library!

Please let me know if you have finished your 15 books and show me your sheet as soon as possible so I can add to the list and give you your well deserved certificate.

There is a prize for the year group who has the most children who have completed the challenge. Its an amazing prize and we really want to win!!!

It is lovely to see the children enjoying reading across the school!


Miss Leatherland πŸ™‚


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Year 1 Key Skills Quiz

Please can you complete the following quiz for Key Skills for this week. It is the end of term quiz on our topic Plants and your responses will be sent through to me. The questions that need a written response must be accurate or they will be marked as wrong.


Thank you and well done for another fantastic week!

Have a lovely weekend!


Year 1 Team!Β  πŸ™‚

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What a beautiful day….

Year 1 have been on an adventure to the park this afternoon on a hunt for bluebells and all sorts of different natural objects. The children represented the school with impeccable behaviour and maturity. Everyone walked sensibly and quietly to the park, thinking about the road safety we have been discussing in different lessons.

When we arrived at the park the children took part in a scavenger hunt. Armed with a clipboard and a tick list, the children searched for a variety of different natural objects from daffodils to spider webs. Many of the children noticed the beautiful bluebells growing under the trees. We all stopped and looked closer at these plants and then had a go at drawing them thinking carefully about the shape of the petals and stems. I was so impressed with the detail in every drawing, you all worked so hard and quietly to complete this task.

Finally as we had such a fantastic walk and had completed the tasks so well we had a few minutes to go on the apparatus before we returned to school!

Well done Paddington Class, I am an extremely proud of your behaviour and attitude towards this trip.

Here are some of the children’s comments:

Jack- My favourite part of the trip was going on the slide and finding different things.Β 

Alexandra- Everything was so much fun!!!Β 

Maddie- My favourite part was seeing the beautiful flower.

Kacey- I loved drawing the bluebells.

Lucy- I loved looking at the nature to find the different things on our list.

Sofia- It was a beautiful day at the park.

Alex- I liked choosing which things we wanted to find.

Kevontae- Everything was amazing!!Β 


Miss Leatherland πŸ™‚

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Paddington Class Blog

Maths: We have been learning all about volume this week. The children have been experimenting with different size containers and using objects to work out the volume. The children selected a variety of containers and had to count the objects to find out how many fit in each container. The children then changed the objects to see if that made a difference.



English: We have been looking at our new book ‘The Curious Garden’. Can you tell a grown up what we know about the book so far? The children have all had a go at writing setting descriptions, feeling bubbles and character descriptions this week. Their writing has been fantastic as the children have included adjectives, conjunctions, varying sentence openers as well as all of the other things we ask. Well done everyone!!!


PE: We have been having a go at different balancing games in PE. The children each had a ball and had to move a certain way without dropping the ball in different places on their bodies. Following this, we played team races and the children were encouraged to show sportsmanship by congratulating and supporting one another.


Science: Following planting our sunflowers, the children have been researching the life cycle of a sunflower. The children had to order pictures and then explain each step the sunflower goes through in order to grow. Can you remember the life cycle of a sunflower to tell someone in your family?


DT: We have been planning our own curious gardens from our English book and this week we started to create the gardens. The children had to think about the materials they needed and how they were going to create different effects.


Have a fantastic long weekend and I will see you all on Tuesday.


Miss Leatherland πŸ™‚


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Paddington Gardeners

English: This week we have been continuing our topic of plants and looking at instructions. The children looked at a set of instructions for growing a bean plant and ordered them to ensure they made sense. We then looked at the language used in instructions to create our own. The children followed their instructions and planted a bean which we are all patiently waiting to see if they grow.

Maths: We have been looking at quarters this week and I have been very impressed with everybody’s growth mindset in this particular topic. The child have loved quartering shapes and have began to quarter numbers.Β What does the word quarter mean?


PE: We have been practising on improving our skills with tennis rackets and hockey sticks. The children have been working together to improve their accuracy and technique and it has been fantastic to see so many positive words of encouragement said to one another. Well Done!!

DT: In DT we have been looking at materials and tools that are used in a garden. We have looked at what we might find in the garden and what material it is made from and why. The children then had a go at drawing their own garden and had to label all the different materials they could find.


Science: We have been looking deeper into how plants form. We dissected some plants and looked at their roots, stems, flowers and leaves. The children then planted their own sunflowers following the instructions. These instructions were different to how we planted our beans so we had to concentrate to make sure we did the right steps.


Have a lovely weekend Paddington Class!

Miss Leatherland πŸ™‚

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