Monthly Archives: October 2013


We have been looking at shapes this week. Both 2D and 3D. We have been looking at new shapes like a pentagon and hexagon.

This is the shape song we have been listening too:

We watched the video to helps us to spot 3D shapes. Click on the link

Can you spot any 3D shapes at home or on your way on from school?

Why not take a picture and bring it to school or email.


A couple of requests…


As the cold weather sets in could we ask that the children are sent with a warm waterproof coat. This should have their name written in. If you choose to send your child in with gloves, why not secure them with a piece of wool through the sleeves.


Book bags

Could we ask all book bags are emptied as children are struggling to place them in their assigned tray. All your child needs in their book bag is;

  • Red reading log
  • Current reading books
  • Key skills book


Thank you for your continued support, Year 1

Key Skills Books

Your child should have a blue Key Skills book in his/her book bag today. Each week these books will be given out with an activity to complete. They should be returned each week with the activity completed

Inside each book are further instructions and guidance. If you are unsure what to do then pop in on Monday.

Thank you