Monthly Archives: September 2014

Computing is cool

Paddington class have really enjoyed their first lesson in computing!
They learnt all about the importance of directions and instructions. Directing each other around a large grid outside and helping a sailor locate his treasure on a treasure island. They then put these skills into practise when programming a bee bot around a map directing it to travel forwards, backwards, left and right to get to its destination.
Good work!
Mrs Holland


Using our senses…

This week in Paddington class we have been learning all about our five senses.

First, we went on a senses walk around the school using our eyes and ears. We also wrote a senses poem. Then each group were provided with 6 cups which had a secret smell inside. Their task was to use their sense of smell to guess what was inside each cup.


I wonder if you can tell your family what the 5 senses are?


Hello all!
Paddington class will have PE on Thursday (outdoor) and Friday (indoor).

Indoor Kit: white t-shirt, black shorts and plimsolls

Outdoor Kit: white t-shirt, track-suit***, trainers

***Your child will need something warm to wear when we go outside. If not a tracksuit, a jumper and jogging bottoms.

Could all children have their named PE kit in school by Monday 15th September 2014.

Thank you
Miss Tallett

Welcome to Year 1

Hello everyone. What a great start to Year 1! We have had a fantastic day today sharing our summer holiday stories and postcards. We then wrote down a few sentences and got to know our Year 1 area using the outdoor area and the pod. The children especially enjoyed the new reading tent.
Well done for your good behaviour and effort today!
Miss Tallett