Junk boxes

Year 1 will be using junk boxes next week to make settings from traditional stories. Please can you send any empty boxes into school. Many thanks.
Year 1 team

5 thoughts on “Junk boxes

  1. Hello Year1.
    Year6 are also working on settings, and we would like to play ‘Guess the setting’ with you. We will blog you a short description of a setting for you to guess.

    Happy guessing! 🙂

  2. The wind blew on the beautiful young girls hair, and the flowers danced in the sun. She skipped along the road with a smile on her face. However she was not alone she was accompanied by three others. So, they all skipped happily along the yellow bricked road. They were skipping toward a green coloured building, with towers all along the front. A guard stood in front of the tall building with a unhappy look on his face. When they got to the man he said “Welcome to…..”

    Can you guess what he said?

  3. Hi my name is Alina and I will give you a challenge on guessing my setting.

    The water hurried, the salty taste flushed my mouth. The sand tickled my flowing tail… The colourful fish swam around the coral reef making it bright and colourful. Turning left there was a long lost ship, no one actually knows what’s in side. But on top of the ship, there are-always starfish concerts with lots of music

  4. Hello my is Charlie and I will be doing a setting description. Once there was a girl hopping and skipping towards a huge house. When she got there she found the door open so the girl went inside. She saw 3 chairs at a table her legs were tired so she sat down. The first chair “was to uncomfortable” she said. The second chair “Was to hard” she said. The third chair “was just right !” The chair broke and she fell on her bottom.

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