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Merry Christmas…

Greetings everyone!

What a fantastic party day we had today!

We had a visit from Father Christmas… We did lots of singing and dancing in the hall. We watched a pantomime. We ate a feast! We played party games and all with a huge smile on our faces!

I have really enjoyed being in Year One and cannot wait for next term.

Thank you for all of the cards, gifts and kind words. Enjoy the Christmas period and I look forward to seeing you all in 2015.




It has been a busy few weeks in Paddington class with the lead up to Christmas. The children have been practicing so hard for their performance of ‘The Nativity’. We have had four songs to learn: ‘Silent Night’, ‘Little Donkey’, ‘Away in a manger’ and ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’.

The Nativity also includes us using our drama skills and an angel’s dance. We have also had to learn lines, how to project our voices and how to follow stage directions and even better we have done it all with a big smile!

You have made us so proud and I cannot wait for next week to show all of the school and parents what a superb job you have done!

Well done Year 1!

From a very proud Miss Tallett x


The cat sat on the mat.

The cat sat on the mat.

“What a boring sentence!” yawned Paddington class.

As a class we thought about ways to make this sentence less boring.
See picture below to see how we changed it.

The children shared their ideas with a partners and then orally said their new sentence. Each child was then given a strip of paper to write their new sentence. Some children had six different strips with six different sentences!

Paddington class you are working so hard with so much enthusiasm!
Keep it up!


Class challenge:
Can you make this boring sentence more interesting?

The boy walked down the road.


We have some stars in the making in Year 1. We are practising so hard to make sure the Nativity performance is one to be proud of.

Well done to all of the children, keep it up!

Parents…don’t forget the nativity is next Tuesday and Wednesday!

If you haven’t already sent in your child’s costume, please do 🙂