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There was an instant buzz in Paddington class today when we were told “Quick, get to the hall as fast as you can, Mr Rees has called an emergency assembly”. We quickly sprang to action and excitedly made our way to the hall. We wondered what could be so important to stop our afternoon’s learning!

When we arrived we realised something big was about to happen. Mr Rees explained that he had received an important email telling him to set up a reading blog immediately! Then Mr Rees asked us all to be quiet as he had to take a VERY important phone call.

We waited in anticipation…. and then he told us that something had been dropped off at the office…and then it arrived…a large brown package with URGENT written all over it!!!

The hall filled with excited chatter about what could be in the suspicious box…

Mr Rees opened the package and revealed a letter, which we listened to carefully. We discovered that a publishing company desperately needed our help. They had been let down by their editors and needed us to urgently review a set of books so they could go out for publication.

We set to work straight away…

What was the title of Year 1’s book?

Who was the author?

To infinity and beyond…

What a fantastic day the children have had! The children spent the morning fully immersed in our theme of ‘Out of this World’. Great team working skills were present as they planned out and negotiated how they would build their space rocket. They learnt about how craters are formed on the moon and got to experiment with how it happens, made some colourful bubble planets and finally designed a space helmet to protect them on their journey into space!
To end our morning we found ourselves blasting through the atmosphere, touching down on the moon and after all that needed a sit down and a chocolate finger to munch on whilst staring at the stars.

What was your favourite thing about today?
Can you tell me something that you learnt?
What skills did you use today?
Why was there a flag on the moon?

We are all buzzing with excitement for the rest of our learning this term…


Fantasy stories…

We started the week looking at fantasy stories. Can you add a comment to the blog explaining what a fantasy story is?

We then had to sort books as to whether they were fantasy or real-life.


We then decided to look further into fantasy stories set in space. We wanted to explore what space was like so we used a drama technique called ‘guided tour’ to explore space using our senses to help us.

Today we had a go at writing about our experience in space. As a whole class we thought of these sentences.


Then it was our time to write our own sentences in our books. Every single person in Paddington class achieved their objective and was able to write independently! I was soooo impressed!

But…we didn’t stop there..some children were then able to reflect on their learning and said what they had done well. Here are a few examples:

Kayla said she was happy with her work because she had remembered to use finger spaces!

Isaac said he was happy with his work because he had read his work at the end to make sure it made sense.