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Fantasy stories…

Posted by on January 9, 2015

We started the week looking at fantasy stories. Can you add a comment to the blog explaining what a fantasy story is?

We then had to sort books as to whether they were fantasy or real-life.


We then decided to look further into fantasy stories set in space. We wanted to explore what space was like so we used a drama technique called ‘guided tour’ to explore space using our senses to help us.

Today we had a go at writing about our experience in space. As a whole class we thought of these sentences.


Then it was our time to write our own sentences in our books. Every single person in Paddington class achieved their objective and was able to write independently! I was soooo impressed!

But…we didn’t stop there..some children were then able to reflect on their learning and said what they had done well. Here are a few examples:

Kayla said she was happy with her work because she had remembered to use finger spaces!

Isaac said he was happy with his work because he had read his work at the end to make sure it made sense.

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