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This week in Paddington…

It has been such a busy week in Paddington! We had alien and astroanut costumes, home learning of all shapes and sizes…all handed in this week. A special mention to you wonderful parents, we couldn’t have done it without you!

I am so very proud of every child in my class. You performed so well in our space films with such enthusiasm! Thank you parents, friends and family members for coming to watch the space films today. I hoped you enjoyed them as much as I did!!

Have a much deserved rest and see you all on Monday in our medieval costumes for our new whole school theme ‘When a knight won his spurs 2’.

Sssh all quiet on set…

Paddington have had a fantastic first day of filming with Mrs Holland. The children have loved using the green screens and choosing the backdrops for their alien films. They have helped to film using a green screen app called ‘do ink’ and have enjoyed being directors and actors for the day.
Thank you for all the wonderful costumes they look amazing!

And relax…

Today we had a Yoga taster session. We had to listen carefully and we got to try lots of different Yoga moves. Can you remember how to do the ‘Python’? Show someone at home if you do!

We finished the session by lying on our backs and closing our eyes. The instructor told us to imagine we were on a warm beach, listening to the waves crashing on the shore. She said we could do this if we ever felt worried about anything as it helps to keep us nice and calm. 



This week in Paddington…

We started the week by looking at performance poetry. Then we looked at a picture of a sun and used descriptive language to describe it. Then we learnt about similes and had a go at writing our own. Some examples of the children’s similes were…

The sun is hot like a million balls of fire.
The sun is round like a biscuit.
The sun is like a juicy orange.

Then we used our similes and descriptive language to write our own sun poems. They were AMAZING!!!

Numeracy: We have been finding half of shapes and numbers this week. Today we moved onto telling the time. What does the big hand tell us? What does the little hand tell us?

Next week, we will be learning all about money. Perhaps you could draw round some coins at home or pay for something in the shop.

Blog challenge: ERIS.. Can you remember what it means?