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Posted by on March 2, 2015

We started our day watching a medieval dance and the grand knighting of Simon. Then Earl Rees invited us to a banquet to celebrate Simon being knighted. 

We were then visited by Lady Arabella, her lady in waiting and Simon. We were allowed to ask them questions. One child asked Simon if he was in love…but he quickly told us that was not for us to know… I wonder if he is in love?

Can you remember anything that we found out about Lady Arabella?

We had an interesting conversation explaining that there wouldn’t be computers, tvs or iPads in medieval times and that there form of entertainment was a little different to ours. Enter Kevin the Jester who taught us many skills like plate spinning and juggling. Every person had a go and tried their best! So well done Paddington!

At long last it was time for our banquet! it was all going so well, until Lady Arabella addressed the council and then a dark hooded figure grabbed her…

And that was it…she was gone…

We discussed as a class what might have happened? Where has she gone? Who has her? Is she safe? 

An emergency meeting was then called to share ideas of what had happened. The suspect list was also revealed…

Overall, it was a fabulous day had by all!!

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