All aboard…

Year One had lots of fun boarding our special SDS flight to sunny Australia! 

In literacy we have been learning about journeys and we were introduced to a little girl called Molly. We read the book ‘The Train Ride’ and learnt that Molly wanted us to come to the seaside with her to visit her Grandma. We went on a exciting train journey and described all the things we could see on the way and all the things we could do there.

On Friday afternoon we got a letter from Molly’s other Grandma which was all the way from Australia. She asked if we wanted to visit so of course we said yes! 

So we made our passports which contained lots of important information about us and boarded the plane. Each passport was checked carefully and flight attendants Mrs Deane and Mrs Wood helped us find our seats.

Once on board Flight attendants Miss Tallett and Mrs French showed us some important safety instructions. 

Captain Holland got us safely in the air and we enjoyed some on flight entertainment and a snack. As it takes such a long time to get there we had a sleep on the plane!

After a long time we arrived in beautiful Australia!

What do you want to learn about Australia?
What have you learnt already?

Looking forward to lots of fun this term.


One thought on “All aboard…

  1. Lili mae said this was a fun activity she did ask me mummy if we started digging in the garden would we get to Australia? I replied what do you think? She answered, no as we would not be able to dig through the concerete!

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