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Paddington E-safety week- Day 4

A whole day without technology- yes you heard right! a WHOLE school day!

When I told the children this morning that we were going to have a day without any technology there were lots of sighs and groans. Someone even said ‘today will be rubbish!’…whilst others said ‘Miss you can’t use your Ipad, laptop or your phone today’.

But guess what- we survived!

We started the day with a paper register! In phonics, we used our boards to practice our sounds. The only time we found it to be an issue was when Mrs Deane took the children to the library BUT came back without a minute (much to my surprise) because we couldn’t change any of the books because we weren’t allowed to use the library computer to load the books onto the children’s account.

What are your thoughts about our no technology day? What did it teach you?

What did we say is a suitable amount of time to spend on an electronic device in a day?

Can you remember why this is important?


Paddington E-safety Week – Day 2

Today we looked at the school rules for E-safety suitable for our year group.

Our Online Rules
  • We learn how to use the internet safely.
  • We can send and open messages with an adult.
  • We can write polite and friendly emails or messages to people that we know.
  • We only tell people our first name.
  • We learn to keep our password a secret.
  • We know who to ask for help.
  • If we see something we do not like we know what to do.
  • We know that it is important to follow the rules.
  • We are able to look after each other by using the internet safely.
  • We can go to for help.

Next term we are going to be…explorers!

Late this afternoon Mrs Fennelly had to call an emergency assembly because Paul the site supervisor had found a parachute up in the trees on the field with a bag attached to it!

We carefully opened the rucksack to reveal what was inside… Lots and lots of items that would be good for an adventure! Binoculars, maps, head torch, sleeping bag, rock climbing equipment and many more similar things.

A letter was also enclosed which told us all about our learning for next term and something about an ‘Enchanted Kingdom’.

I wonder where we will be exploring next term? I wonder just what this enchanted kingdom will be…

Do you have any ideas?


E-safety week in Paddington Class- Day 1

This week is E-safety week.

Today we were asked the following question:

What does E-safety mean to you? 

Paddington class think that E-safety means staying safe online.

Here are the children’s comments about how to stay safe online:

  • You shouldn’t press anything on the computer that you haven’t been on before because it may be something that is private or dangerous.
  • If you get stuck or you are unsure of something you must tell an adult.
  • Don’t give people your passwords.
  • You must ask to go on the internet (home-adult, school-Miss Tallett or Mrs French or another adult).
  • You must ask permission if you are downloading anything on phones, laptops, tablets and Ipads such as games.
  • If someone is being unkind to you tell an adult- if you don’t tell any adult then no one can help you.
  • Do not give any personal details away to a stranger (full name, email address, phone number, address, school name).
  • Do not meet up with anyone online.
  • Do not open messages from people you do not know.
  • Do not put pictures of yourself on the internet- use an avatar instead.

Creating an avatar:

We discussed why it would be better to put an avatar on the internet rather than using real pictures of ourselves. We found it fun making Miss Tallett’s avatar.

avatar me

The week ahead…

This week in Numeracy we are finding out about fractions through a ‘fractions picnic’.

Can you remember what Koala and Wombat had in their picnic basket?

What words did we use when we were talking about fractions?

Equal- what does it mean?

In Literacy we are looking at lots of poems that have rhyming words in.

Can you think of any rhyming words for?…

tin            jam           map           sun

Here is the rhyming game you have been playing on the laptops: