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Paddington E-safety week- Day 4

Posted by on May 21, 2015

A whole day without technology- yes you heard right! a WHOLE school day!

When I told the children this morning that we were going to have a day without any technology there were lots of sighs and groans. Someone even said ‘today will be rubbish!’…whilst others said ‘Miss you can’t use your Ipad, laptop or your phone today’.

But guess what- we survived!

We started the day with a paper register! In phonics, we used our boards to practice our sounds. The only time we found it to be an issue was when Mrs Deane took the children to the library BUT came back without a minute (much to my surprise) because we couldn’t change any of the books because we weren’t allowed to use the library computer to load the books onto the children’s account.

What are your thoughts about our no technology day? What did it teach you?

What did we say is a suitable amount of time to spend on an electronic device in a day?

Can you remember why this is important?


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