#NPATEK What a week in Paddington class…

We have had a very busy week in Paddington class this week.


We had a great day at Woburn seeing lots of different animals. We especially liked touching the snake. What was your favourite animal? 

Sports day

The children showed great resilience in sports day and completed 12 different sporting activities. What was your favourite activity?

Skype call

In today’s assembly we had a Skype call with Myles Connolly (the producer of the 3D film Enchanted Kingdom). Each class prepared questions they would like to ask Myles about either being a producer or about the film. We found out so much! 


2 thoughts on “#NPATEK What a week in Paddington class…

  1. Lili mae enjoyed Woburn and her favourite animal was the penguins she said. We was amazed she touched a snake as in the past she always avoided touching them so well done and thankyou whom ever encouraged her.

  2. Sports day was great fun. Weather was perfect. Lili mae enjoyed the activity where she had to side jump back and forth over a mat she found it easy as she loves skipping. We was very impressed with the year six students knowing all the younger children’s name being its quiet a large school. They supported and cheered the children on which was great to see.

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