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What time is it? It’s ERIS time!

Posted by on September 18, 2015

Every Thursday, children in Paddington class have ERIS time (ERIS stands for…Everyone Reading In School). The children are allowed to lay down, get comfy, close their eyes, drink water and listen to a story. It is my favourite time of the week!

We read together, laugh together, predict what might happen next and even think about how the character might be feeling.

However, today (Friday) the children asked me the following questions…

‘When is it ERIS time again?’

‘Can I choose a book for ERIS time?’

‘Can we have ERIS time today as well?’

There was no way I was going to decline an opportunity to share another story, so this week we had ERIS time TWICE!

It just goes to show…children love books and we should always provide them with every opportunity to enjoy them!


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