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Don’t forget to bring nativity costumes in tomorrow!

Just a reminder that all Nativity costumes need to be in school tomorrow in a named bag.

If your child is a ‘candle’ they need to bring in a black top and black trousers/leggings.

If your child is a ‘young child’ they need to bring in a pair of pyjamas.

If your child is a narrator they need to bring in a black top and black trousers/leggings.

All other costumes will be supplied by school 🙂

Many thanks for your continued support!

The Year 1 team



Numeracy this week…

Today in Numeracy, I set the children a challenge…

How many different ways can you make the number on your paper?

I gave the children a piece of paper with a number on and filled a table full of Numeracy resources. We had rekenrek, counters, dice, Numicon, art straws and links. It was a bit messy, but it was very exciting!


The children led their own learning and deepened their understanding through the use of different resources and representations. We earned ourselves a whole class credit for our hard work!

Here are some examples of the outcome of our work. What do you think?

WIN_20151126_110920   WIN_20151126_113351