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My Special Place

Today in Year One we introduced our new RE unit of work ‘Special Places’.

I told the children about my special place…the beach. It is my special place because I have many fond memories of being a young girl building sandcastles and eating ice creams with my family.

The children were given the task to really think about their special place. I was so shocked by their mature replies and explanations for why it was so special to them!

Well done Paddington Class! We have had such a great week!

Miss Tallett

A brilliant day had by all in Year One…

The children and staff in Year One had a brilliant day today completing lots of different activities for our new theme ‘Out of this world’.

We did the following activities:

  • decorated moon cakes
  • found out the names of the planets
  • listened to a rap about the planets
  • made moon paintings
  • found out about craters
  • made astronaut helmets
  • made a split pin astronaut
  • made balloon rockets
  • had balloon rocket races

What was your favourite activity and why?

Well done for working hard!

Miss Tallett


Welcome back!

Welcome back! It is 2016 and what a great week we have had in Paddington class.

This term in numeracy we are learning all about subtraction.

Remember the sign for subtraction is

Have a go at these calculations:





What do you notice?

In Literacy we are learning about ‘Fantasy’.

Can you remember what ‘fantasy’ means?

I’ll give you a clue… a talking horse, a girl flying on bubbles, a flying pig….

What does ‘reality’ mean?



You need to read x3 a week to earn 2 dojo points!

You need to hand in key skills on a Wednesday to earn 2 dojo points.

Spellings will be handed out on a Wednesday and tested the following week.

**Why don’t you log onto Mathletics or PhonicsBug for a bit of extra learning at home?**

Thank you for your continued support! 🙂