11 thoughts on “Paddington children are now blogging!

  1. I am so glad you are enjoying school Jake!
    You are working so hard in Maths- keep up the hard work.

    Miss Tallett

  2. Hello Paddington Class!!! I enjoy my shool and I really like to work in the class: reading, writing, counting and I like to play with all of you 🙂

  3. Hello Miss Tallett
    I love coming to school to learn and my favourite part is playing with my friends.
    Dominic T ☺

  4. Hello Harry Evans here!

    I’m blogging for my home learning this week.

    I am very curious about The Curious Garden, Curious means wanting to learn and know things like Liam in the story.

  5. Well done for blogging Harry 🙂
    Well done for thinking about what ‘curious’ means. I hope you are enjoying our new story.

  6. Hello Ms Tallett
    I am looking at different flowers while I am walking to school. And I have found daffodils are growing everywhere at the minute. I am so happy spring is coming.

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