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Breaking News

WOW! What an exciting morning we have had at Simon de Senlis!

Just as we were going out to play, we saw SMOKE! We ran over to take a look.

Not only did we find something shiny in the ground on the field pouring with smoke, but then a fire engine roared through the playground gates and 3 firemen ran out to take a look. They had spotted something unusual on their radar and came straight to school. We aren’t quite sure what it is, but the talk of the playground is that it could be a UFO, but where did it come from?

UFO Landing

What do you think it is?

Why is it here?

How did it get here?!

Please let us know in the comments below – I’m sure we will find out more soon!

Update! Year 1 have just had a closer look at the UFO. We drew pictures of what we saw to show the Scientists and help them out with their investigation. UFO

Exciting times at SdS!

E Safety

It is E-Safety week this week!

In Year 1 this afternoon we started discussing our Digital Footprint and what that means. We know that once you put something out there, you can’t take it back. We learnt this from our Assembly yesterday when Miss Tallett and Miss Coade used some shaving foam to show us that once it came out of the can, we couldn’t put it back in! This is the same as when you search for something on the Laptop/Computer/iPad, you can’t undo it once you have searched for it, and anyone can see it.

In our Year Group assembly, we talked abut what we search for on the computers and generated it into our own Year 1 ‘Digital Footprint’.  We talked about how important it is for our parents to know when we are using a device and what we are searching for. If we don’t like something we see, we take it straight to an adult. Our footprint is copied below. These are all the websites/programmes that Year 1 children said they use at home.

DIgital Footprint Year 1

I was so impressed with your maturity around E-Safety. We are working really hard to be safe online. Well done Year 1! :)

This week in Paddington class…

I hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine and had a great weekend!

This week in Paddington class we are going to be measuring the length of different objects in Maths and learning some poetry in English.

Do you have a favourite poem and can you explain why you like it?

Don’t forget Friday is ‘Queen Celebration Day’. You are invited to come into school dressed in red, white and blue.

Here’s to another great week at Simon de Senlis!

Miss Tallett