Monthly Archives: September 2016

Who’s in the forest?

Paddington Class are thoroughly enjoying our new theme ‘Who’s in the forest?’.

So far, we have looked at our first story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’.

Tomorrow, we will start to look at the characters in our story.

Can you remember the characters names?

Can you think of any words to describe what the character looks like?

You will be awarded one dojo point for commenting :)

Mrs C

Maths in Paddington Class

Each child was provided with a pot of counters. The children were told that they needed to find out how many counters were in their pot. The children opened their pot of counters, when all of a sudden, the teacher shouted ‘STOP!’. She informed them that they were not allowed to count how many counters were in their pots. The children were shocked by this news and wondered how they would ever find out how many were in their if they were not allowed to count.

As a class, we discussed how we could solve this problem. We thought about what we use in Maths to help us and some children suggested the use of Numicon. Using Numicon, the children organised the counters into the same structure of the Numicon shape. The children were then able to say how many counters there were, without ever having counted them. Then all children swapped their pots with a peer and continued to find out how many counters were in each pot.