Who’s in the forest?

Paddington Class are thoroughly enjoying our new theme ‘Who’s in the forest?’.

So far, we have looked at our first story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’.

Tomorrow, we will start to look at the characters in our story.

Can you remember the characters names?

Can you think of any words to describe what the character looks like?

You will be awarded one dojo point for commenting :)

Mrs C

9 thoughts on “Who’s in the forest?

  1. Goldilocks – She has golden hair.She has blue and black shoes.

    Mummy bear – She has brown fur.

    Daddy bear – he has a blue tie.

  2. Katherine is in Matilda Class, but told me all about this story on our way home in the car yesterday! She told me there is a baby bear, a mummy bear and a big daddy bear! Katherine says the Goldilocks is hungry, tired and has big yellow curly hair. She says she was a bit naughty too.

    1. Thanks for commenting on Paddington class blog. I’m sure Katherine will be telling you more about life in Year One.

  3. Goldilocks has blond hair and is naughty she should do what she is told. In the book I have at home she get told her hair will go blue

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