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Hit the ground running…..

Posted by on November 3, 2017

What a great start back to the next half term!! Everyone has come back to Paddington class feeling refreshed and ready to learn which has been fantastic to see!


English: We have been looking at non-fiction and fiction texts to determine the differences between the two. The children recognised the key features of both texts and had a go at writing their own page to a non- fiction book about toys.

What are the key features to a non-fiction text?


Maths: In Maths, we have been sorting objects into categories. We began by sorting a pile of physical objects and then moved on to sorting objects into categories from a picture. The children have worked very hard to develop their reasoning skills to explain how they knew the answer and why they thought their answers were correct.

RE: This week we began our new topic, Christianity!! The children loved learning about how Christian’s believe God created the world, sequencing the events that took place from the bible. Furthermore, we have been thinking about our own special places and why they are special to us. The children curled up into a ball on the carpet and had a few minutes to think about their special place. Following this, the children wrote beautiful sentences describing this place and why they felt it was important to them.

  Can you tell an adult your special place and why? What is their speical place?

PE: One of our class targets in PE has been to make sure we are taking care of our possessions when we are getting changed. The children have been practising ‘dressing their chairs’ to ensure all their belongings are in the right place and not muddled. This was very successful this week with no items getting muddled or lost when changing to PE (Yayyyy)!!! In PE we have started to look at attacking and defending games, this began with playing ‘chase my tail’. The children had a tag on their side and had to defend it from their partner. The children quickly learnt that they needed to move in different directions to try and trick their partner away from their tag.


Art: We have almost finished our hedgehog and owl painting in art and they are looking fabulous! The children have worked very hard to use the techniques to create the effects they have on their art work. One child said “With art, you have to think very carefully about where you need to work next, you cannot rush Miss Leatherland.” I think we have some up and coming art stars in Paddington class.



Pictures from last term:



Lots of letters have gone home this week so please can you check book bags.

Nativity parts have been chosen and slips with details of costumes that need to be brought in by Friday 1st December have been given out. Thank you!

A new key skills sheet has been stuck in the children’s books. It is fantastic to see all the learning they have been doing at home so please keep this up!

On Monday, we have a very special performance of Pinnochio which I am very excited for!!


Have a fantastic weekend and stay safe at the fireworks!!


Miss Leatherland


One Response to Hit the ground running…..

  1. bchamberlain

    Wow Paddington Class! You have been really busy already this term.
    Keep up the hard work and positive attitude to learning.
    Mrs Chamberlain

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