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Welcome to the Art Gallery!

Posted by on November 29, 2017

Unfortunately, we were unable to go out into the forest on Friday so the children got creative. Miss Leatherland had been informed that something in the forest had changed so Paddington class went up to take a look. The children searched the forest high and low and found fairy dust scattered beneath the trees, followed by an important letter from Flora the fairy. Flora needed Paddington classes help to design Flora and her friends fairy houses. The children jumped to the challenge using the resources in the classroom to design the homes. The children researched what fairy houses looked like before deciding how to create their own.

Miss Leatherland was extremely impressed as everybody’s house was different and the children had worked so hard to design the perfect fairy house for Flora. The children’s enthusiasm was fantastic and many adults who walked past the classroom came inside to see the creativity taking place.

The children were very proud of their work so we turned the classroom into an art gallery. The children lined up outside the classroom and came into the room to see everyone’s work on display. We discussed how we would walk around a gallery quietly and we would stop to discuss different pieces of art work.




I am so proud of how hard every child in Paddington class worked to design fantastic fairy homes.


Well done Paddington Class!!


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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