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What a fantastic day!

Posted by on December 5, 2017

Year 1 have blown me away today with their impeccable behaviour and attitude towards learning more about the Christian faith. At 9am today we set off on the journey to visit a local church to consolidate our learning on Christianity. The children thoroughly enjoyed the walk to the church, singing songs and showing a good awareness of road safety.

When we arrived at the Church, Reverend Ann greeted us to discuss the different things found in a church and how this time of year was very important to Christians.


Can you remember what different objects we found in the church? What was a font, altar and organ?








I was incredibly impressed with Paddington class as each child had remembered what each advent candle symbolised. The Reverend lit the candle hope, love, peace, joy and Jesus to demonstrate what happens on the Sundays before Christmas. Some very lucky children were chosen to come to the front and blow out the candles.

The vicar explained how there is a special corner in the church were people can come to pray.







Reverend Ann showed the children the bible which was very heavy and took at least four children to hold it. The vicar demonstrated to the class what a christening looked like and explained how the water was holy to welcome the person being christened into the life of god.







When discussing what people did in a church, some children said getting married. The vicar pretended to marry Ina and Alexandru, with Joshua as the father of the bride and Elaina, Georgia and Niamh as bridesmaids. All the children thought this was great fun.










The children were given time to look around the church before doing sketches on objects of their choosing. The children noticed the statues of Mary on the walls, the stained glass window, the font, the organ the altar. They were amazed at the holy water inside the font.

What was your favourite thing inside the church?




Once the children had walked around the church, they were itching to get out their sketch books and draw. As always, the artwork was fantastic and every child had thought about the detail of their drawings. All of the grown ups were very impressed!!!!







To finish off a fabulous morning in the Church, the children performed the nativity songs to Reverend Ann and sang beautifully.

 Best bits…..

  • Ina: I liked pretending to get married.
  • Sofia: I loved drawing the advent candles in real life. 
  • Lucy: I loved the pictures on the wall and the cross. It was amazing!! 
  • Joshua: I loved drawing the organ in my sketch books and looking at the detail.
  • Carter: I liked the walk and seeing all the different things on the way. I loved exploring the church. The bibles were all different colours.
  • Georgia: I loved the vicar and her speaking.
  • Ewan: I loved the different coloured bibles. 
  • Alexandru: I liked the stain glass window.
  • Chloe: I liked talking to Reverend Ann.
  • Jenson: I liked blowing out one of the candles, it was cool. 
  • Imaan: I liked singing the songs for Jesus.
  • Grace: I worked on my growth mindset in the church by trying really hard with my drawing and not giving up.
  • Amelia: I liked singing the nativity songs. 

I am incredibly proud of each and every member of Year 1, you were a credit to the school with your behaviour and enthusiasm this morning. Well done.


Miss Leatherland 🙂


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