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Castles, Number bonds and Florence Nightingale!

Posted by on January 13, 2018

What a fantastic first full week back! Paddington Class have been very busy bees learning all about castles, number bonds and number facts within 10 and Florence Nightingale.

English: We have kicked off our new topic Hamlet by learning all about castles. The children have thrown themselves into this new topic and have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the different parts of a castle. We have been busy labelling castle structures, learning different facts about each area and finding out more about the people who live inside the castle walls. As a class we had a go at acting out the different people in a castle. The children loved becoming Kings and Queens, Knights and servants and even gong farmers!!! Can you remember all the different parts of the castle? What job roles took place inside the castle walls?

Maths: In Maths this week we have been looking at number bonds to 10 and number bond facts within 10. The children have enjoyed lots of different hands on activities using a variety of resources to create numbers within 10. Furthermore, we have been looking at sequencing events and places such as first, second, third etc. We incorporated this into PE by having races to see who came in what place. I was very impressed with how much work and effort you have all put into learning your number bonds at home as well as in the classroom! Lots of children have been playing hit the button and practising with their families which is fantastic to see and hear! Well done everyone!!!!

Art: With the focus of castles in mind, the children have been getting creative and using different resources to build castles and then label the parts following on from our English lessons. Additionally, the children have had their sketch books at the ready and been drawing castles, looking carefully at the finer details. Everybody tried very hard and took their time to perfect their drawings and I was very impressed with the outcome.


PE: This week in PE we set up a variety of activities to practise lots of different skills. Everybody had a go at dribbling the football in between the cones, throwing bean bags at a target, throwing and catching in pairs and running in between two different areas. It was a very chilly day but we kept warm by keeping our bodies moving and enjoying the activities in the area.

History: Our new topic this term is Florence Nightingale. This week we have been looking at who Florence Nightingale is and why she became such a famous figure. We have discussed whether we think she is a hero and what it means to be a hero. The children then thought about their own heroes and why they had chosen those people. Several children chose their family members as their heroes, others chose superheroes and we even had the world ‘because it gives us gravity.’ Can you tell a family member who your hero is and why? Why was Florence Nightingale a hero?



If you have any cardboard boxes or items that can be used for junk modelling please bring them in Monday next week. 


Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!


Miss Leatherland 🙂


3 Responses to Castles, Number bonds and Florence Nightingale!

  1. Georgia Borrowman

    I really enjoyed building my castle and playing games in PE.

  2. Jack Tarry

    I really enjoy doing my maths homework on the computer. I also like learning my spellings from Jack Tarry.


    Hello Miss Leatherland and Mrs Buckley! I LOVE Paddington class. ALEXANDRA

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