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Busy bees!

Posted by on April 9, 2018

Wow what a busy term Spring has been!!

Paddington class have been very fortunate to have a visit from the schools digital leaders. Children from year 4 and 5 visited our class with lots of microbits and computers and the children had a go at coding. The children learnt how to get onto the microbit website and then followed instructions to complete a code to make their microbit play music, have a smiley face and say hello. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this experience and now want to be digital leaders when they are older. What was your favourite part of the microbit session?



We have come to the end of our topic Space and the children have been gathering all the facts they have learnt to create fact files on Space. I have been so impressed with how the children have applied themselves in this topic and their general knowledge on the subject.









In Science the children have been learning about materials and their properties. To finish this topic the children completed a science investigation. Over night some lego men had been swimming and it had got so cold they froze into ice blocks. The children had to use their understanding of ice and different materials to free the lego men and save them from the cold. Some groups choose to take their ice men outside and melt them in the sun, others choose to wrap their ice blocks in lots of fabric.

Which method did you choose?







In Maths the children have been learning all about sharing. The children have been learning about the dividend and the divisor and how to share objects equally across a variety of divisors. We began by sharing different objects into sorting hoops and then moving on to recording this in their books. At the end of the week the children looked at word problems and how to look for the key information to solve the division problems. Some children took on the role of the teacher and had a go teaching the class how they solved the problems. On Fridays the children have been focussing on 2D and 3D shapes. This has involved not only naming and describing the shapes but building them using midget gems, cocktail sticks and polydron. All the children thoroughly enjoyed using their knowledge on the shapes to build them and even created shapes they had not come across before.



We have been looking at how we can work as a team in a variety of games. The children had to work together to guide the ball into the hole by moving the parachute very slightly. It was lovely to hear the words of encouragement from the children in the class to each other as they sussed out the best tactics. Well done guys!!






I hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter holidays and I can’t wait to see you all soon!


Miss Leatherland 🙂


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