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First Week Back!!!!

Posted by on April 20, 2018

WOW what a lovely week we have had! It has been fantastic to make the most of the sunshine and take our learning outdoors as much as possible.



English: This week we have been looking at non-fiction books and building up a bank of knowledge around plants. We have looked at the different parts of the plant and wrote fact files on everything we have researched. Due to the glorious sunshine, we were able to take our learning outside and had a go at following instructions to plant our own beans. This was great fun and the children all did very well taking each step of the instructions at a time to plant their bean.


Maths: In Maths we have been halving shapes, objects and numbers. The children began learning about halving by sharing a picnic. We discussed how we would share a kit-kat or an apple but then how we could share a bag of crisps as we couldn’t cut it in two.


Geography: The children have started our Geography topic by looking at instructions which will build up to creating our own maps. The children had a very bossy visitor, Rosie the puppet, who ordered them to complete certain tasks. This was great fun but Rosie was very bossy. The children then had a go giving instructions to one another and then writing instructions down to go outside on the playground. The children found it was much easier to give and follow instructions when they were written down then making them up on the spot.


PE: It was a very hot day on Thursday but with our hats on and lots of shade breaks we managed to have a fantastic PE session. The children could choose between the hockey sticks or tennis rackets and practised their skills. It was great fun!!!


Forest school: It was Paddington Class’ forest school session today and we had great fun!! To start the session we looked at the trees and their different textures. We looked at the roots of the trees and how some tree roots have risen so we can see them. The children took tree rubbing samples of different trees and were amazed at how different trees produced different textures on the paper. Following this, the children made woodland perfume. We discussed how animals use their sense of smell in the woodland and using natural resources and a drop of water we created our own forest school fragrances.



Have a lovely weekend! See you on Monday!


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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