Castles, Number bonds and Florence Nightingale!

What a fantastic first full week back! Paddington Class have been very busy bees learning all about castles, number bonds and number facts within 10 and Florence Nightingale.

English: We have kicked off our new topic Hamlet by learning all about castles. The children have thrown themselves into this new topic and have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the different parts of a castle. We have been busy labelling castle structures, learning different facts about each area and finding out more about the people who live inside the castle walls. As a class we had a go at acting out the different people in a castle. The children loved becoming Kings and Queens, Knights and servants and even gong farmers!!! Can you remember all the different parts of the castle? What job roles took place inside the castle walls?

Maths: In Maths this week we have been looking at number bonds to 10 and number bond facts within 10. The children have enjoyed lots of different hands on activities using a variety of resources to create numbers within 10. Furthermore, we have been looking at sequencing events and places such as first, second, third etc. We incorporated this into PE by having races to see who came in what place. I was very impressed with how much work and effort you have all put into learning your number bonds at home as well as in the classroom! Lots of children have been playing hit the button and practising with their families which is fantastic to see and hear! Well done everyone!!!!

Art: With the focus of castles in mind, the children have been getting creative and using different resources to build castles and then label the parts following on from our English lessons. Additionally, the children have had their sketch books at the ready and been drawing castles, looking carefully at the finer details. Everybody tried very hard and took their time to perfect their drawings and I was very impressed with the outcome.


PE: This week in PE we set up a variety of activities to practise lots of different skills. Everybody had a go at dribbling the football in between the cones, throwing bean bags at a target, throwing and catching in pairs and running in between two different areas. It was a very chilly day but we kept warm by keeping our bodies moving and enjoying the activities in the area.

History: Our new topic this term is Florence Nightingale. This week we have been looking at who Florence Nightingale is and why she became such a famous figure. We have discussed whether we think she is a hero and what it means to be a hero. The children then thought about their own heroes and why they had chosen those people. Several children chose their family members as their heroes, others chose superheroes and we even had the world ‘because it gives us gravity.’ Can you tell a family member who your hero is and why? Why was Florence Nightingale a hero?



If you have any cardboard boxes or items that can be used for junk modelling please bring them in Monday next week. 


Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!


Miss Leatherland 🙂


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Happy New Year Paddington Class!!!!

Before we start the New Year I thought it would be nice to look back on all the learning we did in the last few weeks of term.


A very big Happy New Year Paddington Class!!! I hope you have all had a fantastic break and spent lots of time with your friends and family! I can’t wait to hear about what you have been up to and what Father Christmas gave you for Christmas!

Thank you very much on behalf of Mrs Buckley and I for all our gifts and cards. I have enjoyed lots of chocolate with my family so you might not recognise me on the first day back!!!


Just a couple of reminders before Thursday!

  • PE will be going ahead on Thursday so please make sure you have your outdoor PE kit ready.
  • Reading challenge: I hope you have all enjoyed the reading challenge and I can’t wait to see and hear about who has read what.
  • My Maths: Miss Gedney and I enjoyed finding fun and engaging tasks for you to complete on MyMaths. It is a fantastic resource to reinforce your learning at home and show your families what we have been working on! If you are struggling to log on and have followed the instructions in your Reading Records please let me know so I can sort this for you!
  • Hit the button: We have all very much enjoyed playing hit the button in the classroom with Mrs Buckley and I joining in as well. Lets see if you have been practising and will move up the leader board in the classroom!
  • Bring your biggest smiles ready for a fantastic new term!! 


If you have any recycling that hasn’t been put out for collection yet, please send it in a plastic bag as we would like to do some junk modelling this term!

See you all on Thursday!!


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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What a fantastic day!

Year 1 have blown me away today with their impeccable behaviour and attitude towards learning more about the Christian faith. At 9am today we set off on the journey to visit a local church to consolidate our learning on Christianity. The children thoroughly enjoyed the walk to the church, singing songs and showing a good awareness of road safety.

When we arrived at the Church, Reverend Ann greeted us to discuss the different things found in a church and how this time of year was very important to Christians.


Can you remember what different objects we found in the church? What was a font, altar and organ?








I was incredibly impressed with Paddington class as each child had remembered what each advent candle symbolised. The Reverend lit the candle hope, love, peace, joy and Jesus to demonstrate what happens on the Sundays before Christmas. Some very lucky children were chosen to come to the front and blow out the candles.

The vicar explained how there is a special corner in the church were people can come to pray.







Reverend Ann showed the children the bible which was very heavy and took at least four children to hold it. The vicar demonstrated to the class what a christening looked like and explained how the water was holy to welcome the person being christened into the life of god.







When discussing what people did in a church, some children said getting married. The vicar pretended to marry Ina and Alexandru, with Joshua as the father of the bride and Elaina, Georgia and Niamh as bridesmaids. All the children thought this was great fun.










The children were given time to look around the church before doing sketches on objects of their choosing. The children noticed the statues of Mary on the walls, the stained glass window, the font, the organ the altar. They were amazed at the holy water inside the font.

What was your favourite thing inside the church?




Once the children had walked around the church, they were itching to get out their sketch books and draw. As always, the artwork was fantastic and every child had thought about the detail of their drawings. All of the grown ups were very impressed!!!!







To finish off a fabulous morning in the Church, the children performed the nativity songs to Reverend Ann and sang beautifully.

 Best bits…..

  • Ina: I liked pretending to get married.
  • Sofia: I loved drawing the advent candles in real life. 
  • Lucy: I loved the pictures on the wall and the cross. It was amazing!! 
  • Joshua: I loved drawing the organ in my sketch books and looking at the detail.
  • Carter: I liked the walk and seeing all the different things on the way. I loved exploring the church. The bibles were all different colours.
  • Georgia: I loved the vicar and her speaking.
  • Ewan: I loved the different coloured bibles. 
  • Alexandru: I liked the stain glass window.
  • Chloe: I liked talking to Reverend Ann.
  • Jenson: I liked blowing out one of the candles, it was cool. 
  • Imaan: I liked singing the songs for Jesus.
  • Grace: I worked on my growth mindset in the church by trying really hard with my drawing and not giving up.
  • Amelia: I liked singing the nativity songs. 

I am incredibly proud of each and every member of Year 1, you were a credit to the school with your behaviour and enthusiasm this morning. Well done.


Miss Leatherland 🙂


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Welcome to the Art Gallery!

Unfortunately, we were unable to go out into the forest on Friday so the children got creative. Miss Leatherland had been informed that something in the forest had changed so Paddington class went up to take a look. The children searched the forest high and low and found fairy dust scattered beneath the trees, followed by an important letter from Flora the fairy. Flora needed Paddington classes help to design Flora and her friends fairy houses. The children jumped to the challenge using the resources in the classroom to design the homes. The children researched what fairy houses looked like before deciding how to create their own.

Miss Leatherland was extremely impressed as everybody’s house was different and the children had worked so hard to design the perfect fairy house for Flora. The children’s enthusiasm was fantastic and many adults who walked past the classroom came inside to see the creativity taking place.

The children were very proud of their work so we turned the classroom into an art gallery. The children lined up outside the classroom and came into the room to see everyone’s work on display. We discussed how we would walk around a gallery quietly and we would stop to discuss different pieces of art work.




I am so proud of how hard every child in Paddington class worked to design fantastic fairy homes.


Well done Paddington Class!!


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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Nativity songs!

Here are the Nativity songs that we have learnt this week. It would be great if you could practise at home! Maybe you could teach your family the signs too?

Silent Night (First Verse only)

Silent night, Holy night

All is calm, all is bright

Round young virgin mother and child

Holy infant so tender and mild

Sleep in heavenly peace,

Sleep in heavenly peace.

On the road to Bethlehem

On the road to bethlehem

To bethlehem, to bethlehem

On the road to bethlehem,

Come and join us there

On the road to bethlehem

To bethlehem, to bethlehem

On the road to bethlehem,

Come and join us there

Hear the angels sing, and church bells ring.

Its Christmas time once more

Come and see the baby king

Lying in the straw

Hear the angels sing, and church bells ring.

Its christnas time once more

Come and see the baby king

Knock upon his door

Knock Knock Knock!

On the road to bethlehem

To bethlehem, to bethlehem

On the road to bethlehem,

Come and join us there

On the road to bethlehem

To bethlehem, to bethlehem

On the road to bethlehem,

Come and join us there

Come and join us there, good to see you. Hope to see you there…!

Little Donkey (to 1.26 only)

Little donkey, little donkey

On the dusty road

Got to keep on plodding onwards

With your precious load.

Been a long time, little donkey

Through the winter’s night

Don’t give up now, little donkey

Bethlehem’s in sight.

Chorus Ring out those bells tonight Bethlehem, Bethlehem Follow that star tonight Bethlehem, Bethlehem

Little donkey, little donkey

Had a heavy day

Little donkey

Carry Mary, safely on her way.

Mary had a baby

Mary had a baby, oh lord

Mary had a baby oh my lord

Mary had a baby oh lord

The people keep a coming and the train has gone.

Laid him in a manger, oh lord.

Laid him in a manger oh my lord,

Laid him in a manger oh lord

The people keep a coming and the train has gone.

Shepherds came to see him, oh lord

Shepherds came to see him oh my lord,

Shepherds came to see him oh lord,

The people keep a coming and the train has gone.

Named him baby Jesus, oh lord

Named him baby Jesus, oh my lord

Named him baby Jesus, oh lord

The people keep a coming and the train done gone.

Shepherds Dance

Shepherds, tell me

Did you see what I saw?

I saw angels

I can’t be so sure!

Shepherds, tell me

Did you hear what I heard?

I heard good news,

News for all the world!

Come on boy’s, let’s make a move

We’re off to Bethlehem!  (Repeat)

Shepherds, tell me

Why are you in a trance?

Come on! Wake up!

On your feet and dance.

Come on boy’s, let’s make a move

We’re off to Bethlehem!  (Repeat)


Come on boy’s, let’s make a move

We’re off to Bethlehem!  (Repeat)

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas

And a happy new year!

Glad tidings we bring,

To you and your kin,

We wish you a Merry Christmas

And a happy new year!


We are so excited to perform our Nativity, even more so now we have learnt nearly all the songs!

Please continue to practise your words at home. Narrators need to be able to learn their words off by heart!

A reminder that black top and trousers/leggings for candles and narrators and pyjamas for children need to be in school by Friday 1st December in a named bag. All other costumes are provided by school.

Many thanks for your support, please let us know if you need anything.

The Year One team

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Artists in the making!

Paddington class have been working incredibly hard to develop their artistic skills and have completed their hedgehog and owl paintings. Every child used a variety of techniques to create their painting and should be very proud of the end result!


What was your favourite part to create your painting?


Well done guys!!!


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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Hit the ground running…..

What a great start back to the next half term!! Everyone has come back to Paddington class feeling refreshed and ready to learn which has been fantastic to see!


English: We have been looking at non-fiction and fiction texts to determine the differences between the two. The children recognised the key features of both texts and had a go at writing their own page to a non- fiction book about toys.

What are the key features to a non-fiction text?


Maths: In Maths, we have been sorting objects into categories. We began by sorting a pile of physical objects and then moved on to sorting objects into categories from a picture. The children have worked very hard to develop their reasoning skills to explain how they knew the answer and why they thought their answers were correct.

RE: This week we began our new topic, Christianity!! The children loved learning about how Christian’s believe God created the world, sequencing the events that took place from the bible. Furthermore, we have been thinking about our own special places and why they are special to us. The children curled up into a ball on the carpet and had a few minutes to think about their special place. Following this, the children wrote beautiful sentences describing this place and why they felt it was important to them.

  Can you tell an adult your special place and why? What is their speical place?

PE: One of our class targets in PE has been to make sure we are taking care of our possessions when we are getting changed. The children have been practising ‘dressing their chairs’ to ensure all their belongings are in the right place and not muddled. This was very successful this week with no items getting muddled or lost when changing to PE (Yayyyy)!!! In PE we have started to look at attacking and defending games, this began with playing ‘chase my tail’. The children had a tag on their side and had to defend it from their partner. The children quickly learnt that they needed to move in different directions to try and trick their partner away from their tag.


Art: We have almost finished our hedgehog and owl painting in art and they are looking fabulous! The children have worked very hard to use the techniques to create the effects they have on their art work. One child said “With art, you have to think very carefully about where you need to work next, you cannot rush Miss Leatherland.” I think we have some up and coming art stars in Paddington class.



Pictures from last term:



Lots of letters have gone home this week so please can you check book bags.

Nativity parts have been chosen and slips with details of costumes that need to be brought in by Friday 1st December have been given out. Thank you!

A new key skills sheet has been stuck in the children’s books. It is fantastic to see all the learning they have been doing at home so please keep this up!

On Monday, we have a very special performance of Pinnochio which I am very excited for!!


Have a fantastic weekend and stay safe at the fireworks!!


Miss Leatherland


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Well Done Paddington Class

Wow what a busy few weeks we have had. I can’t believe it is almost the end of term of half term and I am so pleased with all the progress we have made.

I am incredibly impressed with how well each of you have settled in to Year 1. We have learnt so much in such a short space of time and you have all settled into the routines and expectations brilliantly.

English: We have been looking at fairytales in English, in particular Goldilocks and the three bears and Jack and the beanstalk. We have loved reading the stories and looking at the individual characters by writing descriptive sentences. As a class we have enjoyed discussing the magic beans in Jack and the beanstalk and deciding what we would do if we had magic beans. We came up with some very impressive, creative ideas and acted out planting our beans ready for them to grow.

Maths: We have been continuing to develop our number sense looking at how to represent number in different ways. Last week some of us got very messy painting numicon to develop our understanding of number bonds to 10. I’m very proud of how hard everyone is working in maths and how far you have all come. Keep practising counting up to 100 forwards and backwards starting from a range of numbers.

Phonics: Last week everyone took on the challenge of the first phonics practice reading 40 real and pseudo words. Wow I was blown away with how hard everyone tried and how fantastic your segmenting and blending is. Well done!!

Theme: After noticing some very impressive drawings in the classroom and key skills we have been improving on our art skills. Firstly, the children chose whether they wanted to draw a hedgehog or an owl. We practised drawing our animals in stages using our sketch books and pencils. The children concentrated really hard and used growth mindset to improve their drawings. Secondly, we began to paint the background of our sketches using powder paint. We mixed colours carefully to prepare for our final piece, using sponges to create a stamp effect.


PE: In PE we have been developing our co-ordination and introduced ball skills this week after previously using bean bags. The children worked very hard to throw and catch the balls to and from their partner. To cool down we looked at how our bodies can create letter shapes.

Keep up the hard work and well done.


Miss Leatherland

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A fabulous start to the term.

In Year 1 we have been learning all about ourselves and our bodies. This has been a fantastic topic which has enabled us to learn what our bones are called, what our five senses are, all about our emotions and thoughts and much more.

Can you sing the bones song to an adult pointing to the correct body parts?


We have been working hard in Maths to learn all about number and how we can represent  numbers in different ways. In one of our Maths lessons, we used lots of resources to show different representations of 14.


Can you find fourteen objects at home?

Can you put the objects into the numicon shape?

In History, we have been learning about the past and in particular, the things that have changed in the last five years. We had great fun bringing in our pictures from home and ordering them into a timeline of our lives. We loved sharing our pictures with the class, discussing how we look different in each picture and why this happens. Some of us have had big life changes in the last five years with baby brothers or sisters being born, moving house, moving schools and we loved sharing what has happened in the past.


We are now moving on to our new topic ‘Who’s in the forest?’ and can’t wait to learn all about the different traditional tales. We started our topic with ‘Goldilocks are the three bears’ we acted out parts of the story to relate to the characters and their feelings.

How do you think Goldilocks felt once she had run home away from the bears?



Do you think Goldilocks went back to the house again?


Today we got out our Art books for the first time. We have been thinking about Autumn and all the different animals and decided to sketch an owl or a hedgehog. We broke the drawing down into stages to draw our autumnal animals.





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Matilda Phonics Screening Check

It has been a pleasure to spend time with Matilda class the last few days doing their Phonics Screening Check.

You have all worked so hard and performed brilliantly!  All of the adults in Year 1 are really proud of your efforts and attitude.

Well done Matilda Class!!

Mrs C

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